Benefits of Darbha Grass

Benefits of Darbha Grass

Benefits of Darbha Grass or Durva Grass has been used inside Sanatan for centuries, Durva Grass is also known as Kush Grass. Durva or Darbha grass is found in almost all parts of India. It is used in many ways. Let’s discuss the benefits of Darbha grass —

Darbha Grass Mats:

Since ancient times, Darbha grass has been used in India to make mats. A mat made from Darbha grass is considered quite sacred. It has been used mainly for sitting in yagna since ancient times. In today’s time, Darbha Grass Mat is also being used to do yoga work, because this grass has its own Ayurvedic benefits, so it is becoming the first choice.


In India, since ancient times, it is believed that during the eclipse period, leaves of Durva grass are kept inside it to protect food from harmful radiation. Actually, the effect of bacteria increases very much during this time, and it grows very fast. That is why the leaves of Durva grass are kept in the food, and after the eclipse is over, they are removed. Due to the effect of the leaves of Durva grass, people are not able to grow in the food items given.

Uses in Ayurveda:

Durva grass is used as a herb inside Ayurveda. It is very beneficial in many infectious diseases. Antibacterial properties are found inside it, due to which it is recognized as an essential herb.

Making rope from Darbha grass:

Since ancient times, the grass is used for making rope. The rope made from it is considered very strong, and they are also used for religious purposes.

Essence and Oil:

For Ayurvedic purposes and to fulfill many other needs in your life, Essence, and oil of Durva grass are made from ancient methods. Primarily it is used to achieve the effect of cold in summer.

Religious work:

Even today, in Sanatan Dharma, Kusha is used regularly inside the Puja text. Durva grass has its own special place in the cultural and religious work of Sanatan Dharma.

In India, every field has its own experiments on Durva grass. According to your needs, it is used in your life, the essential items used in your life are also manufactured from them. Such as sports toys for children and sitting postures for sitting are also prepared in rural areas through Kusha.

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