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Meditation & Healing

Meditation: why, when and how, 13 things

Man’s life moves in two directions. Physical distress and emotional distress and sometimes occur together. Meditation is their break.

Meditation process

First of all, calm down and relax the body and sit upright. Take a flower in one of your fists. Keep reciting the Supreme Lord, in whom you have faith. Chant the mantra to the best of your ability.
Remember the name you first pronounced. Chant the same mantra every time. Somebody will initially feel that this is the first time their head is spinning.

As soon as you close your eyes, many kinds of thoughts will flow in your mind. Do not stop those thoughts, let them come. Gradually your mind will calm down on its own. This state of mind is called meditation.

It is difficult to sit for an hour for the first time after taking some time away from household chores, then you sit for the first 15 minutes. Gradually keep increasing the time. Light a lamp in the room where you sit to meditate.

Let us know which disorders are useful in meditation

When the mind is disturbed, its idle parts are able to be used.

Meditation is a process of diluting the capacity of experience.

If you have a habit of forgetting, meditation is very useful for you.

Meditation is effective in calming the minds of angry people.

Those who do not take decisions can also include it in their life.

It is similar to the best medicine for the prevention of heart disease.

Controls the versatility of the mind.

It has important utility in creating longevity.

Peace, affordability, contentment, peace, scholarship, and fulfilling all needs are meditative meditation.

If you want, keep some flowers nearby during meditation, sprinkle some fragrant things, burn incense sticks.

Sit for meditation before dinner. Meditate before sunrise in the morning.

Meditate by wearing loose clothes.

Women can also learn meditation through a teacher if they want. If you want, you can learn it in the meditation center too.

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