What is Durva grass

What is Durva grass, Importance of Durva grass in Ayurveda

What is Durva grass

Many names of Durva Grass is also known as Darbha Grass or Kusha Grass at different places. Different types of Kusha Grass are found in India, some small and some leaves are quite large. Its scientific name is Eragrostis cynosuroides. Darbha is a tropical grass. When scientists examine the details of Durva, studying it with a microscope reveals very different types of structures inside it, which are not found in other types of grass. Durva has both Ayurvedic and religious significance within Indian society.

Importance of Durva grass in Ayurveda

Durva also has its own religious significance inside Sanatana Dharma. It is considered very sacred, as well as the grass has its own place inside Ayurveda. Research has revealed that antibiotic properties are found inside Darbha grass.

Darbha grass is used as a urine enhancer inside Ayurveda, meaning it is capable of increasing the effect of urine. The grass Durva is also used as a medicine in the treatment of dysentery and bleeding inside Ayurveda.

During eclipse, there is a lack of radiation that controls the micro-organisms, causing uncontrolled growth in a unicellular organism. In such a situation, Darbha grass is kept inside food, which stops the growth of bacteria, and this grass is removed from it after eclipse.

In such a situation, items made using grass Durva have their own place, which is considered sacred.

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